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Music Thesis

If you have not yet decided on what topic to write, then we will suggest that you consider a music thesis. It is one of the many types of research papers that you can write. However, you should also be familiar with the basic steps in researching and writing. This will be our main topic for today. Although we will have some info about music thesis writing, we will also have discussions in writing a general research paper.


A music thesis should have all the necessary parts of a thesis article. Therefore, we will begin by choosing the topic of interest. Music is a very broad and generic subject. You should be able to find a specific item about music that you can research. First, your topic should induce a sense of significance. It must be important. Second, the topic must have available research materials. You should also be able to conduct research in the proper ways. These properties constitute feasibility. Third, you should have personal interest in discussing a topic. The more you are familiar with it, the better. Here are some of our suggestions for you so you can get started:


  • - Different careers involving music as a degree in college.
  • - How to identify the types of music based on tone and melodies.
  • - Music as a form of therapy for stress.
  • - The different kinds of music according to cultural differences.
  • - Music as a form of lifestyle.


What are the next steps in writing a music thesis? Write the proposal. You have to make a proposal of your research. It is imperative that you have a clear plan on what you are trying to achieve and how you will do it. Writing a thesis paper should have a certain purpose. Therefore, you have to present this purpose to an expert, say for example your adviser, so he can evaluate whether you are on the right track to successful thesis writing.


Afterward, you can start gathering information from resource materials. You may acquire as many materials as you can if you want to have a credible thesis paper. The possible sources of info are books, periodicals, internet sites, other research papers and publications. Make sure that you gather materials from very reliable sources. This way, you can minimize the problems that may be associated with low quality research materials.


Lastly, write the main parts of the music thesis paper. The introduction will be the topic presenter. The abstract is the executive summary. The literature review is a summary of other materials. Methodology will be the part discussing how you did the research. Do not forget to include data and analysis together with the results. Lastly, write the conclusion to wrap up your mission and then solve the problem that you initially presented. Do not forget to cite your reference materials and proofread your project.

War Thesis

War is an inevitable event especially when two groups of people are in conflict. In the aspect of writing a war thesis, you should know some of the basic things that will constitute to your topic selection process. This article will give you some pointers on how to choose a topic for your thesis that will concentrate on a war subject.


A war thesis topic must be important. As you already know, war is a significant point of discussion. So what is the importance value of this subject? Well, you have to concentrate on a single aspect of war. It is not ideal if you will choose war as the main topic; try to find a more specific aspect of it. Therefore, you need to formulate a structure that will identify the war concepts in a particular way.

In choosing a topic for war, try to understand the emotions that envelop it. Since you will be writing a thesis paper, it should practically involve research results. However, readers will not notice such a case until you provide them with details and informative concepts of the topic. So there will always be an emotional side to reading an article. Since this is the case, make sure that the topic will appeal to your target readers.


Another aspect in choosing a topic of interest is the availability of materials. Since you will be writing a thesis paper, you need to rely on the materials that are already available to you. Do not forget to evaluate these documents first before you use them. It is essential that you have a diversity of material mediums. You can try looking for books, published documents, journals and even internet websites.


One more thing, when choosing a topic for your war thesis, make it a point that you really like the topic. Avoid too popular subjects since most probably, someone has already write my paper for cheap about it. In this case, try to look for a topic that you know you can handle. Moreover, choose one that you are familiar with. This will help you further ease the need to conduct research.


Once you have a war thesis topic, you can proceed writing the different research paper parts. You can start with the abstract followed by the introduction. Include the literature review, methods and data with analysis. Lastly, do not forget to put a conclusion. You also need to include a cover page, table of contents, acknowledgement page and bibliography.